Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the pages last?

Indefinitely. What is pasted is permanent.

Can I edit my page?

No, you cannot change what you've already uploaded. There are no plans to change this for the moment. This falls under the concept that what is released is permanent.

Can I upload images?

Currently HTML Pasta does not allow users to upload images. There are however solutions for this in the works. There are several workarounds. You can use a free image host such as imgur to host your images, until we have our solution released.

What is the page size limit?

You can only upload 1 MB of binary data. This limit is quite high, though we have considered making it higher to support some cases.

Can I delete my page?

No. Pages that explicitly contain illegal content will be removed.

Do you have automated measures against phishing pages?

Yes, we are actively working on stronger solutions to the minority of our users that use the service for malicious content like phishing pages. Sharing too much information on our methods however only allow them to bypass them more easily.

What content is not allowed?

Any explicitly illegal content or malicious content will be removed without warning when discovered. We are firm believers in freedom of speech, however, illegal content will be removed as well as phishing and scam pages that intend to trick people into parting with their accounts and/or money.

Can I have the source code?

All websites on the Pasta Network are currently closed source and will be for the foreseeable future. The source will not be shared with anyone.