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About HTML Pasta

HTML Pasta allows to you paste and host HTML quickly and easily, for free. We kindly ask that you don't abuse our service by hosting malicious scripts or HTML. If such scripts are discovered, they may be removed upon request.

Have some feedback or just want to contact us for any reason? You can reach us at contact@htmlpasta.com.

Planned Updates

In the future we plan to add a range of updates to make this service really awesome. Whether these updates are paid or not remain to be seen. No previously pasted scripts will be affected by future updates, except in cases where new tracking/advertising code is injected into previously pasted HTML. Currently however, no advertising is injected into your HTML. Below is a list of features that may or may not be in the works.

  • Subdomain reservation
  • Static file uploads
  • Edit/delete previous uploads


Donations in order to cover the costs of maintaining and developing this free service would be much appreciated. You can choose from several donation options below to help us out.

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