HTML Pasta was created over 2 years ago and has since remained almost completely unchanged. Since then we've seen large growth of users month on month fairly consistently. People have used this simple service for various reasons, political, archival or just YTMND style memes.

Today we've rolled out the new frontend system for our service. Not much will have changed for frontend users, except that we're supporting dark mode and light mode on your OS as well as some minor UI changes.

On the technical side of things we've made some changes that make it easier to make some changes for the future of the simple platform to add some additional functionality, all without changing the simplicity and beauty of the original concept. We have also added a blog, which is where you're reading this post. On this blog you can expect to read some development oriented information in the future, such as tutorials, tips, tricks and some important web development oriented news.

This is all we've got for you now. We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.